What is Abandoned NJ?

    Abandoned NJ is a collection of photographs, videos, and stories surrounding abandoned, decaying and otherwise forgotten structures in and around New Jersey. What initially began as a small Facebook page between two girls to publish our weekend adventures to share with our families has now turned into something so much more. Abandoned NJ serves as a platform where amateur historians and part-time rule-breakers meet to bring decrepit locations back to life and share their stories; the good and the bad.

    The contents of Abandoned NJ have been and will continue to be, a group project amongst friends. Our goal is to explore the lesser known things in life and to have fun while doing it. We may not always have the most expensive cameras or the newest video editing software, but we like what we do and always have a good time. We work alongside historians as well as those in the community that have personal ties to the places we document to obtain as much firsthand knowledge as we possibly can. We work on the basis of anonymity so that the focus is placed on the locations we share and the quality of our content, not ourselves. 

    While we appreciate those interested in joining us, unfortunately at this time we cannot accommodate the large number of requests we get. Due to the nature of what we do, it is not practical for us to arrange meet-ups or give out location information. If you see that we do not disclose the real name of a location, please do not contact us expecting us to reveal it. We do, however, have legal events from time to time that will be advertised on our various social media pages that you can feel free to visit us at and chat in person!  

    Trespassing is illegal and dangerous, please understand you may be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law. Abandoned NJ does not condone or promote theft, vandalism, or any other sort of criminal activity. We have received special permission to legally enter a number of locations for the purposes of photography/videography, as well as removing historical artifacts and restoring old documents. All other locations are considered "explore at your own risk". Always use the buddy system, and make sure a trusted friend or relative knows where you will be going. Wear appropriate clothing, protective gear, and bring a flashlight. Pack extra water, snacks, and anything else you may need to stay safe and comfortable for a few hours. Happy adventuring! 

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Still searching for something more?

Visit our sister....err, brother site, Vacant New Jersey, to find even more tales of adventures and dissidence. Or just click through pictures of sick bandos... we don't judge.


For all questions or comments, please contact Kat - admin@abandonednj.com

For press inquiries, we will reply as promptly as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. Please be advised for all other emails that we do work normal full-time jobs and/or go to school during the week and may take several days to write back. You can also reach us on Facebook or Instagram!

*The stories contained on this website and related social media accounts should be considered works of art by their respective authors.*

Please do not contact us asking where a location is if it is not readily disclosed. The reason we do not disclose some locations is for liability reasons to help protect us from legal recourse. Should you have specific questions about a location because of personal ties to it, please feel free to send us your story and if we are able to reply, we will. Thank you.

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