Video Content Creator Wanted!

Abandoned NJ is currently seeking a video content creator to help us manage our YouTube channel. Due to time constraints, we have been unable to maintain editing or publishing videos on our channel for some time. We are likely seeking a high school or college aged "intern" who would be interested in working with us, mostly remotely, but preferably be local to New Jersey. Terms and conditions are negotiable and we are quite flexible for allowing creative control. In exchange, we would be willing to promote your work, allow you to use the content as part of your portfolio, and reimburse you a nominal fee for your time. Please be advised however that is solely for entertainment purpose and is not an active source of income, so this would primarily serve to work on your video editing skills and lend us a hand getting some new videos out! 

Commitment would be a few hours per month and video clips would be distributed to you either in person on a flash-drive or via a file share service. Candidates should be proficient in using a professional level video editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.           

If you are interested, please send your information and portfolio (YouTube/social media) over to:

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