It was a particularly hot and humid afternoon for being only mid-May. After a relatively uneventful morning spent having brunch with our families, my day took a rather unexpected turn. "It's right on the way home, see?", but he didn't even have to bother with the semantics as I knew the drill. Even early on I had begun to realize there was no point in arguing, and that it was easier to just go along with things for the sake of my sanity. I had begun to feel more like a frustrated single mother to an unruly child more than anything else.

   So here we were, dressed in our Sunday's best, quite literally, trudging through the swamps of Allaire State Forest. Every few feet I'd have to call ahead for him to slow down as my flats had been suctioned off by the mud yet again. A handful of mosquito bites and sticker-bush injuries later, we've finally managed to navigate our way to the backside of Arthur Brisbane's former estate. While not a particularly impressive mansion, at least to me, it still piques my interest. We circle around it a few times to check things out, before wiggling in a window that was left slightly ajar. 

    One thing I was not really expecting of this place was the power to still be on. From the shape of the outside of the buildings, I had assumed this property was long forgotten. However, upon entering, I actually found myself a little bit concerned about tripping some sort of alarm. This nervousness was short-lived, as I decided after walking all that way through the woods, I wasn't leaving without checking this building out. We spent a grand total of many 15 or 20 minutes inside, and I had only come prepared with my iPhone to snap a few photos. Realizing the place was otherwise empty, I quickly lost interest and began pressing that we start heading back to the car before it gets too late.               

    The only thing that took longer than the walk to and from Arthur Brisbane was trying to get all of the stains out of our dress-clothes. Or perhaps realizing that I didn't have to subject myself to babysitting a man-child for the rest of my life. 


  • Rasheedah McQueen

    on August 23, 2023

    TO WHOM EVER this concern, I Rasheedah McQueen claim victor to the estate that was gifted to by Mr. Robert Lane... Despite your tactics I still stand. If you looked me up then you know I'm a beast. I hereby put you on notice, admit your
    wrongdoing and turnover what is rightfully mine. I never had nothing to lose
    while yall had everything to gain. You got 90 days and then I'm coming

  • Rasheedah McQueen

    on August 23, 2023

    My name Rasheedah McQueen y'all should know me. I'm a legend bred in the atrocities of this place. I got a forever love hate relationship with these grounds. I'm 45 now and I'm coming back for all that's owed to me and was promised!! That land belong to me and I will fulfill the promise to use it as its intended purpose

  • Amanda L Barous

    on July 11, 2023

    I was here too. I am currently married, have two grown children, and is living a successful in life. there was nothing ever wrong with me as a child. I believe my mother just put me here so that she could have time with her new marriage the things I remember from this place, so horrible the things they did to us I pray for anybody that has ever been here, God bless

  • Diz pratt

    on December 15, 2020

    I was in this place in the 80 place messed me up real bad but I'm trying to move on just can't get it together maurice pratt!

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