Not many people can say that they've explored the very hospital where they were born, so I consider myself lucky. I mean, it's not really anything that special, but it's sort of like a little 'fun fact' I can say about myself. Armed with only an iPhone 4, a dollar store flashlight and my trusty backpack, we waited until nightfall before making our approach. This hospital had only briefly been abandoned but was quickly being demolished. We flung ourselves over the rent-a-fence and made a mad dash for the first opening we could find. Our nerves were on edge as we could hear the security patrolling the permitter. We knew this was going to be one of our only chances to see it before it was gone, so we shook ourselves off and started down one of the dark hallways.    

    Just as we anticipated, most of the hospital was unrecognizable. I had been here just a few months prior in the ER, which was now almost entirely swallowed by the demolition equipment. Still, it was a strange feeling to walk down halls that were so familiar to you but now were dark and covered in a thick layer of dust. We poked around for a little while, came across some medical equipment that had been packed up to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and mostly came across empty rooms. We eventually stumbled upon the remains of the Laboratory and found ourselves in for a pleasant surprise. Neatly stacked upon a single remaining shelf were packets of autopsy reports and other very intriguing medical records. We quickly thumbed through them and absorbed what information we could. It was almost like it had been left there for us, calling out our names.    

    We made a few more laps around before mustering up the courage to open the door to a connecting wing that still had power. I took only a few footsteps inside before I heard a familiar noise; a reminder that we were not alone. We quickly packed up and scurried out, deciding we've seen all there is to be seen. I drove by the hospital a few more times and watched as it disintegrated into nothing more than a patch of brown grass.

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