It’s either never a good day to come to this city, or always a good day to come to this city. I guess it depends where you go. We knew of this school for a while now but we were convinced it was in Philadelphia, since their entire school system is basically abandoned. But nope, New Jersey! Once we figured it out, Vacant NJ and myself took off to one of our numerous local cities here in Jersey for an adventure. We had some information as to which door was open so we could minimize our time walking around outside and head right in. After a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese, we consolidate to one car and head into the city.

Once there we park and casually head right for the door. Arriving at the door, we see two explorers have written their names on the outside of the open door. How stupid! Basically saying “here’s the open door, come seal it up”. Guess what, it was freshly sealed with lock and chain. These people are competition based, their premise is to hop in, take one photo, get out, and then get the placed sealed so no one can go. Well that doesn’t stop us, they don’t have the right to prevent others from photographing a location just so they can get all the greasy instagram and UER fame. Needless to say, we eventually found another way in that involved some ninja skills and had the chance to photograph this incredibly historic school.

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