Rockland Psychiatric Hospital - Abandoned New Jersey

Rockland Psychiatric Hospital

The Rockland Psychiatric Center dates back to the late 1920's and thus was considered to be a more "modern" facility by state hospital standards. The hospital was officially established in 1928 in Orangeburg New York and saw its first patients shortly after. These patients were transfers from the Manhattan State Hospital. The location of the hospital was carefully picked due to its suburban area in Rockland County. The goal of this was to begin to transfer patients out from over-crowded hospital centers in the city. The hospital was a completely self-sufficient community, much like many of the similar institutions. When the hospital opened, it had the capacity to hold approximately 5,768 patients. 

Within the next decade, Rockland began to see issues. Many staff were drafted to fight in WWII and people needing psychiatric treatment rose as the war came to an end. The population peaked close to 10,000 patients in the 1950's and the hospital was severely overcrowded. Treatments included insulin shock therapy, electroshock therapy, hydrotherapy, and lobotomies. As these treatments begin to phase out and psychiatric drugs became the norm, the patient population began to decline. By the 1970's, many of the patients were held within the more modern high-rise buildings on campus. Many of the "classic H" asylum buildings fell into abandonment. 

In 2017, the town sold the abandoned section of the former state hospital to JPMorgan Chase. Their plan was to demolish virtually all of the original buildings to construct a massive data center. Demolition began quickly and finished quickly. By summer of 2018, all of Childrens, North Campus, and Center Campus were completely leveled. The few abandoned buildings on south campus are being prepped for re-development as well. 

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North Campus

Center Campus


Rockland Psychiatric Center - Walkthrough [Abandoned NJ]

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