It was an impulsive decision. As we sat around the table drinking, we made the final call. We were going; bright and early tomorrow morning. We had been toying with the idea for a few weeks, but finally set it in stone. We texted the other person that would be meeting up with our group and confirmed. It was set, just a few hours away now, no turning back. I went to bed and slept for what felt like five minutes before waking up to the sound of my alarm. It was an absolutely bitter cold morning and things were only complicated by the fact that we would be out before the sun rose. I threw on some extra layers, grabbed some essentials and shoved them in my bag as we made our pre-dawn journey to Buck Hill Inn.

    I consider it pure luck that we were able to walk up and enter without any issues, as Buck Hill was pretty well known for an overbearing amount of security and police presence. I'm sure part of it was the early morning hours and the below freezing temperatures, but none-the-less, we made our way around the Inn with ease. It felt surreal to finally be here, especially after all the horror stories even from my own personal friends who had been arrested here over the years. The first time I remember seeing Buck Hill was on MTV fear when I was a young child. I had always been particularly fond of ghost hunting and anything in the horror genre, a trait I picked up from my mother, much the same way Overbrook, Marlboro and other "haunted" places. 

   My only regret is that I made the mistake of thinking I would be able to get back in here and re-shoot it. Unfortunately, the person I was in a relationship with at the time had a camera malfunction, and me being the nice person that I am, I lent them mine. Just add it to the list of many regrets I had with them. I never had the opportunity to take anything other than cell phone photos. I tried visiting again a few more times, but eventually, Buck Hill Inn met the fate of everything else I loved; the wrecking ball. 

    One final word? Sorry, people of Buck Hill Falls, your neighborhood isn't nearly as nice as you think it is. Demolition aside, get the stick out of your ass and stop sending your security chump around to harass every person that finds themselves in your crummy community. 

MTV's Fear at Buck Hill Inn

                                                                                                                                                                                                          The above video clip was originally uploaded by YouTube user whereisFEAR

Buck Hill Inn Walkthrough

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